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USA Travel Magazine's Editorial Staff have traveled across America's Backyard and Beyond to discover intriguing and exciting destinations. We thank them all for sharing their stories that are entertaining, and inspire us to plan our next adventure.

Editorial Executives:

Editorial and Marketing Executive, Leroy Worley

Editorial Executive, Melody Schubert

Sports Editor and Travel Journalist, Judy Worley

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Eric Worley

James and AJ Grass

Josh Lockard

Jen Free

Josh Schubert

Merle Exit

Nick Worley

Szilvia Gogh

Guest Contributors:

Note: The following features by our Guest Contributor's are being updated to our new format. Additional links will be added as these updated are completed.

Note: The following features by our Guest Contributor's are being updated to our new format. Additional links will be added as these updated are completed.

Alastair Hamilton - Mountain Bike Adventures In Moab, Utah

Aldene Fredenburg

Alfonzo Young

Alisa Singer

Andrew Der - Anna Maria Is A Inviting Getaway Destination

Andrew Regan - Oregon's House of Mystery and Other Sites

Ann Hattes - Performances At The First Stage Children's Theater and Fireside Theatre

Ben Randall - Oregon's Spring Break Dining And Beach Destinations

Blake Provo - Winter Recreation In Deer Valley, Utah

Brian Gabrielle - Daytona 500 Is One Of The Greatest Races Of The Season

Caitlin Moore

Caitlina Fuller

Charles and Alice Worley

Christine Slater - The Top 10 Free Things To Do In California While Vacationing In Beverly Hills

Cliff Calderwood

Clint Leung

Dave Cormack

Dave Text - Fun And Adventure In Wisconsin Dells

David Reichman

David H. Urmann


Elana Andersen

Elizabeth Morgan

Elizabeth Ann Wares

Felicity Walker - Bryce Canyon National Park Is A Stunning Travel Destination

Gary Sargent

George Lanman

Gregg Gillies

Iris Dean - Death Valley National Park, Xtremely Alaska's Tours, Nature And Wildlife At Arizona's Canyons, And National Monuments, Besh Ba Gowah Archaeological Park, Discover Grand Canyon National Park Photo Tips

Issy Hart - Romantic Weekend Getaways in Wisconsin


Janet Slagell

Jayna Leach

Jed Clark

Jeff Rowell

Jen Thomas

Jennifer Bailey

Jennifer Weiss

Jesse Henson - Discover Miami's Unknown Attractions and Hidden Treasurers

Jim Richardson

John Gasawski

K. Bailey Fucanan

Keely Smith

Kevin Willeitner - Outdoor Adventures In Grand County In Moab, Utah,   Discover Salt Lake City's Attractions and Sites

Lily Sandpiper

Lions Club, NAPSI Contributors

Low Jeremy

M. Stasiewicz

Matthew Hudson

Michael A. Norton

Michael Talbert

Michael Wicks

Michelle Linden - Enjoy The Best Of Seattle, Washington's Festivals

Mike Singh - Enjoy Oregon's Year-Round Skiing Destinations

Mitch Johnson - Trekking The Best ATV Trails In The Appalachian Mountains


Neelima Reddy


Penelope Sandpiper

Phil and Mel Worley

Priority Club Guest Contributors

Rachel Hill

Richard Rspad

Rick Chapo

Rick Tillotson

Rita Swieczkowski - Family Fun At The Seattle Aquarium,   A Visit To Seattle's Pike's Market and Local Attractions

Robert Forre

Roger Baty II - Kayaking And Camping In Rock Island

Sierra Berg - Hike The Redwood National Forest, Lassen Volcanic National Park, And Whiskeytown National Recreational Area,   Rocking Climbing In Monongahela National Forest  , Enjoy Festivals, History, And More While Visiting Franklin , Touring Beckley West Virginia's Historic Attractions

Stacy Delray - Join The Camp Verde Wine, Pecan And Antique Festival, And Verde Valley Wine Tour

Steve Slater

Sylvestor Johnson - Wisconsin Vacation Rentals, Oregon's Vacation Rentals

Tina L. Lopez - Recreation Year-Round In Moab, Utah

Tim Janis

Valerie Hill

Zarian Phipps