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Thank you for visiting USA Travel Magazine's Editorial Calendar. It's been over a decade since we started USA Travel Magazine in 2005, and since then, we've met traveler's from around the world who've enjoyed our publications. Many of these travelers have shared their ideas for new places to visit, and we invite you to do the same. We accept news for all seasons, and holidays in the categories below. When sending press releases, please include images, or provide a link to them, if possible.

We do welcome the opportunity to join FAM and Media Trips to get to know a region or destination. Please let us know via email of such request and schedules available so we can make arrangements with our staff to attend.

We cannot wait to see what the next decade brings, and look forward to meeting you along our travels!

We invite you to share your news on the following topics:

Annual Events and Festivals
Arts, Culture, and Historic Treasures
Books and Travel Guides
Dining and Food To Table Tours
Concerts, Entertainment and Performances
Family Travel News and Products
Gaming and Conventions (Including events like Comic Con, Gen Con, as well as Tattoo conventions, etc)
Media and Tech News and Products
Motor Sports News
Pet Travel News and Products
Recreation, Sports, And Sporting Accessories
Travel News and Products
Vacation destinations

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