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Travel gives us the chance to meet many amazing people while discovering unexpected and beautiful places around every corner. This is the focus of USA Travel Magazine - to share weekly news in our Travel Guides on vacation ideas, destinations, attractions, festive events, and tasty food to sample, and much more.

It all began in 2005 with an idea to encourage travelers to explore the intriguing and entertaining destinations found in their own backyards. We had met so many people who loved to travel, yet many did not wander around to explore the sites to see in their own states. So, we decided to inspire them let their imaginations guide them when they walk out the door - because you never know what exciting sites there are to discover around the bend ahead.

We invite you to share your news on the following topics:

Annual Events and Festivals
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Family Travel News and Products
Gaming and Conventions (Including events like Comic Con, Gen Con, as well as Tattoo conventions, etc)
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Recreation, Sports, And Sporting Accessories
Travel News and Products
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Over a decade later, we meet people who've enjoyed our publications, and continue to share their ideas for new places to visit. We cannot wait to see what the next decade brings, and look forward to meeting you along our travels!

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