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    Discover Unexpected Attractions and Museums Around The Bend In Kansas

    One of the highlights on our trips is to discover a bit of history and visit local museums. In the Kansas City, Kansas area there are a number of unique museums and attractions that focus on the history of Kansas as well as shine a light on the unexpected. One of these museums is the Moon Marble Co., located at 600 East Front Street in Bonner Springs, Kansas (913-441- 1432).

    We found machine-made and handmade marbles galore crafted by various artists. We also learned about glass working and marble history as we watched a marble-making demonstration. There's an amazing display of antique marble toys, and you can join in the fun and play marble games or visit the gift shop for unusual, timeless toys. The Moon Marble Co. offers group tours by appointment, and marble making demonstrations on Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays. Call ahead for demo times and extended holiday hours.

    A moving experience is one to the National Orphan Train Museum in Concordia. Here we learned that between 1854 and
    1929 an estimated 200,000 orphaned, abandoned, and homeless children were placed out in what is known today as the Orphan Train Era. The name is derived from the children's situations, though they were not all orphans, and the mode of transportation used to move them across 47 states and Canada. The museum’s collections, exhibitions, programming and research are truly engaging and present a untold story about the orphan trains, and the children and agents who rode them.

    Have you ever dreamed of flying? If so, then take flight at one of several unique museums that focus on the history and adventurers who have taken to the skies. Among the museums are the Mid-America Air Museum in Liberal, the country’s fifth largest general aviation museum, the Combat Air Museum in Topeka, and the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center in Hutchinson. The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center is one of the most comprehensive space museums in the world, and works closely with the Smithsonian Institution. Whether you've dreamed of taking off to the moon or just spreading your wings these museums are an inspiration, and worth a visit!

    Did You Know? - Major aircraft companies such as Boeing, Cessna, Raytheon, and Bombardier Learjet, as well as new
    aircraft entrepreneurs, have made Kansas a leader in aviation manufacturing. Innovative aviation pioneers, designers, and pilots from Kansas are known throughout the world.

    Also located in Hutchinson is the Kansas Underground Salt Museum. It is amazing to realize that this is the only underground salt museum in a working mine in the western hemisphere. The Kansas Underground Salt Museum offers a unique glimpse into this natural treasure called salt, which we often use daily, but think little of when we add a dash to our food. Travel 650 feet below the earth’s surface and you'll discover more than you imagined at the Kansas Underground Salt Museum, which also host special events and gatherings.

    By Melody Schubert

    Getting There:

    Visit the T-REX website at to learn more about planning your prehistoric family adventure!

    What makes a visit to the Legends a exciting experience is that the list keeps growing every day! Who knows what great night life attractions or shopping destination might be added soon? The Legends at Village West in in Kansas City, Kansas is located at 1843 Village West Pkwy for more details on current attractions, events, and entertainment call 913-788-3700 or visit