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Family Fun at T-REX in The Legends at Village West

Until we visited the Legends in Kansas City, Kansas I pictured Kansas as an endless landscape of mostly flat farmland. It seemed that the scenery never changed; that was until we discovered their was a oasis of fun and entertainment just off highways Interstates 435 and 70 at The Legends at Village West in in Kansas City, Kansas.

At the Legends at Village West you'll find plenty of nightly entertainment to enjoy, and for families or the young at heart there is a special dining experience awaiting just ahead where dinosaurs roam called T-REX. Here Dino's come to life around every corner. It's true, because it seemed around every turn we discovered something new or some hidden creature that crept to life before our eyes. I've always loved dinosaurs, and there were plenty of families who also enjoyed the life-like dino's you'll find at T-REX.

The 20,000-square-foot destination restaurant T-REX is a extravagant theatrical setting that not only includes dinosaurs, there are geysers, waterfalls and ice caves to explore. For children there's a Dino Dig area where they can pretend to be explorers and unearth ancient dinosaur bones. In the Dino Store there are plenty of educational and entertaining items to take home as well as the chance to Build-A-Dinosaur. Throughout T-REX are several beautiful aquariums with a bright and colorful selection of fish of all sizes as well.

At T-REX you can plan a exciting party, or simply gather with friends and family for a memorable night out. The staff at T-REX are wonderful, they are not only friendly, but their service is exceptional. They will do what it takes to make your visit to T-REX a delightful and entertaining experience. The food is also great, and with a varied menu, you can enjoy a delicious steak, Prehistoric Pizzas, a variety of sandwiches, fire-roasted chicken, Seafood, burgers, an assortment of appetizers, salads, soups, plus, there are a Boneyard buffet, a variety of items on the kids menu, and desserts.

Unable to make it to Kansas City, Kansas, no problem. Just visit Downtown Disney in Florida where you'll find another location just minutes from Disney theme parks and Orlando attractions.

By Melody Schubert

Getting There:

Visit the T-REX website at to learn more about planning your prehistoric family adventure!

What makes a visit to the Legends a exciting experience is that the list keeps growing every day! Who knows what great night life attractions or shopping destination might be added soon? The Legends at Village West in in Kansas City, Kansas is located at 1843 Village West Pkwy for more details on current attractions, events, and entertainment call 913-788-3700 or visit

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