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The Endless List Of Things To Do On A Dive Boat, By Szilvia Gogh

Aside from the obvious, diving, one can experience so many different adventures while spending a day or a night on a dive boat. Activities include dinner cruise, proposal, burial, or even a Christmas parade at sea.

Gary Jackson invited me, and my friends, during the winter holiday festivities to spend an evening on his boat.

The Psalty V is a Hatteras-built 50ft-sportfisher design that has been customized for diving. However, ‘Dive boat’ was not the first thing came to my mind when I set foot onboard.

My eyes were fixed on a luxurious salon with leather couches on a carpeted floor. I instantly pictured dripping divers on the couch watching the Sunday Football on the 42” HD plasma TV between dives. 

“Nobody comes inside when wet,” said Jackson. “The crew can bring out anything you should need, let it be sunglasses, towel, a sandwich or a beer from the fridge. Of course beer comes strictly after the dive day is over.”

My usual dive buddies accompanied me that night for the special event on the Psalty V.

“This is the first time on a dive boat I don’t have to schlep my gear. It is strange, but nice,” said Mike Wicks, an underwater photographer now taking pictures of the sunset as we headed out of San Pedro Harbor. 

Boaters and home owners up and down the coast dressed their precious properties in holiday decoration.

The California Coast lays in a warm, snowless climate, but its residents prepare for the winter holiday season with the same enthusiasm and decoration as people who regularly enjoy white Christmases.

Almost everyone in Huntington Harbor joined in the fun of a boat parade. Some even took home some prizes. Awards were presented in a variety of categories: most festive, best use of lights, most creative and many more.

“I lived in SoCal my whole life, but have never seen such a colorful celebration,” said Hilaire Brosio, who makes a living by documenting unusual things with his HD camera.

I stood under the star-filled sky, watched the light creations move by as our boat passed them slowly and listened to my friends enthusiastically critique each one of them.

“Look! This says ‘Happy Birthday Jesus!’,” exclaimed my girlfriend Eo Ong, as we left one behind. Her finger was still pointing at that while her eyes looked for the next to report on.

I stepped back and sat on the edge of the vessel. I took a bite of my goat cheese and cracker, had a sip of my wine and enjoyed the moment.

One of the greatest things I find in life is to spend time with friends for the sheer joy of it. Spending time with my friends on the Psalty V was something new for all of us.  We had a amazingly great time, and were delighted with the attentiveness/hospitality of the crew.  We will definitely be coming back to the Psalty V.

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